New Year, Same Goal

Sorry For My Absence, I Have Been Trying To Get My Life! BroCode By BRichie Is Still In Full Force On Facebook with ‘BRich Music Picks’ &&. The Podcast Will Be Back VERY Soon *Hint Hint*. For Those Who Don’t Know, BroCode By BRichie Was An Idea I Came Up With After My Best Friend Preston Was Killed. He Was The Person I Talked To About EVERYTHING. When I Lost Him I Honestly Lost Myself. I Became A Loner &&. Began Experiencing Anxiety Really Bad. I Decided To Channel Things By Going Back To School For Media. BroCode By BRichie Was Birthed At Illinois Media School. It Is My Dedication To My Best Friend Preston Which Is The Reason Its Called BroCode. I Wanted It To Be Like Our Old Conversations When We Used To Talk About Everything. Today My Best Friend Would Have Been 29 Years Old. Although He’s Not Here Anymore My Goal Is For The World To Know Him Through BroCode By BRichie. Listen To This Throwback Thursday Edition Of BroCode By BRichie With Cody Moe To Hear More About Preston &&. My Goals For BroCode By BRichie!

BroCode Guest Of The Week-Cody Moe

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Cody Moe

This Week’s Guest Of The Week Is Cody Moe. Cody Moe Is A Musician From The Wild 100s Of Chicago. Cody Moe Which Stands For Money Over Everything, Got His Start In Music Early At Church Once His Mom Noticed He Was Gifted With A Different Voice. He Begun To Take Music More Seriously As He Got Older Recording Freestyles At The Age Of 14. Shortly After At The Age Of 16, He Started Making Music With His High School Friend Jeremih. When Cody Moe Wasn’t Making Music He Enjoyed Hanging Out With A Group Of Friends Who Called Themselves ULP, Which Stood For Unity, Loyalty, &&. Peace. After Losting One His Friend In 2013, Cody Ventured Off Into Clothing Creating ULP-Nasty, Dedicated To His Friend Preston. Cody Moe Took A Small Break From Music To Focus On His Children &&. Clothing Lines ULP-Nasty &&. Poor Little Rich Kids But Now Cody Moe Is Back With A Vengeance! Check Out This Week’s Episode On Soundcloud To Find Out More About BroCode’s Guest Of The Week, Cody Moe!

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