Small Wins Are Still Wins

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 15

BroCode Of The Week

-Small Wins Are Still Wins

BroCode Guest Of The Week


Poppin Topic

Can Cancel Culture Be Cancelled?

Relationship Realness Question

Would You Get Rid Of Social Media For Your Partner?

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Practice What You Preach

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 12

BroCode Of The Week

-Practice What You Preach

BroCode Guest Of The Week

@HerAurABRich-Host/Content Creator

Poppin’ Topic

How Does Entertainment Impact Your Life?

Relationship Realness Question

Has Social Media Ever Interfered In Your Relationship? How??

Future Show Plans For BroCode, The New Show ‘Bar For Bar’ That Premieres 2/9/22 At 8pm &&. Much More‼️ Check Out Episode 12 On iTunes, Spotify, Or Right Here! Dont Break The Code!!

Poppin Topic-BET’s ManCave

Poppin Topic: BET’s ManCave

This Week’s Poppin Topic Is All About BET TV Series ManCave. It’s A Hot New Talk Show Dedicated To Man. It’s A Dope Show That Allows Male Perspective To Be Heard. It Also Features Chicago Producer, Kosine. Listen To This Week’s Episode To Find Out More About ManCave With This Week’s Guest Of The Week, Kosine.

Poppin Topic- ‘The Chi’

Poppin Topic Of The Week: ‘The Chi’

This Week’s Poppin Topic Of The Week Is All About Showtime Series ‘The Chi’. The Show Debuted In January &&. Quickly Caught My Eyes. I Was Hooked To The Series After The First Episode Because It Was So Surreal To Me. The Director Lena Waithe Touched On Things  Like Gun Violence In The City, The No Snitching Rule, Parenting &&. A Lot More. I Feel Like She Allowed Others To See Our City The Way We Do. I Liked That Though There Were Negative Moments There Were Lessons Within Those Moments. I Think She Did A Great Job Portraying The City Of Chicago. To Hear More About This Week’s Poppin Topic Check Out Episode 8 Of BroCode By BRichie Here On Soundcloud.

Poppin Topic-TV Reboots

I Personally Believe You’re Supposed To Leave Well Enough Alone, I Guess TV Lovers Believe Otherwise. I’m Saying That Because A Lot Of TV Shows Are Coming Back On Air. One Of The First Shows To Come Back On Air Was ‘Full House’. They Changed The Name From ‘Full House’ To ‘Fuller House’ To Show The Growth In The Cast. The Most Recent TV Reboot In The Talks Is ‘Martin’. ‘Martin’ Was One Of My Favorite TV Shows Growing Up, So I Was Excited To See That The Show Was Coming Back. Then I Started To Think, Will Everything Be The Same?? Will Martin &&. Gina Love Be The Same? How Will They Play Out That Actor Tommy Ford Has Passed? I Mean, I Would Love To See New Episodes Of ‘Martin’ But Only If Its Like The Original TV Series. For More On This Week’s Poppin Topic, Check Out BroCode By BRichie On Soundcloud.

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