Once You Crossed Me, You Lost Me

BroCode Of The Week: Once You Crossed Me, You Lost Me

This Goes For Friendships &&. Relationships, Once You Cross The Line You Have To Stay There. I Spoke On Trust Issues A Little Last Week With The Relationship Realness Being About The Biggest Fears In Relationships. You Never Know Someone’s True Intent Until A Disagreement Happens, Then You See Their Real Character. If They Try To Hurt You In Any Form Because They’re Hurt, They’re Not For You. Only Relationships You Don’t Get To Decide Is Family. Other Than Family, You Choose The Energy Thats Around You &&. You Know When Someone’s Throwing Your Energy Off. Be Able To Enjoy Your Own Company Before You Allow Negativity Around You. If They Cross The Line With You, Chances Are They Are Not For You. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On IHeartRadio, ITunes, Spotify, Or Google.

Never Kiss &&. Tell

BroCode Of The Week: Never Kiss &&. Tell

I Feel Like Everything Isn’t For Everybody. What Goes On Between You &&. Another Person In The Bed Room Is One Of Those Things. Your Bros Or Sis Don’t Need To Know How Good Or Bad It Was Unless You Want Them To Try It Too. I Think Something Like That Should Remain Between The People That Were Actually There Unless Your Trying To Get Bragging Points. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Podcast On Itunes, Spotify, Or SoundCloud.

Foundation Matters

BroCode Of The Week: Foundation Matters

Its Literally Levels To Friendship. People You Consider Associates, Ones You Consider Like Family All Had To Gain Your Trust At Some Point. Trust Is One Of The Biggest Part Of Any Relationship. You First Have To Get To Know A Person, Build Some Kind Of Trust To Figure Out What Kind Of Part Will They Play In Life. I’m Seeing That People Are Becoming Friends Through Social Media Then Get Mad Once They Get Snaked In Some Type Of Way. Thats Because They Didn’t Know The Person &&. Didn’t Take The Time To Get To Know Them. Foundation Matters. Nothing Last On Fresh Soil. For This BroCode Of The Week &&. More Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On SoundCloud, ITunes, Or Spotify.

Loyalty Foyalty

BroCode Of The Week: Loyalty Foyalty

Loyalty Foyalty Basically Means Loyalty Should Be Earned, Not Given. A Lot Of People Spend Time Being Loyal To Others Who Are Not Loyal To Them. I Believe You End Up Disappointed When You Are Loyal To Anyone Before Being Loyal To Yourself. Get To Know Who A Person Really Is Before You Feel You Have To Be Loyal To Them. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On SoundCloud, Spotify, &&. ITunes.

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Raub Greedy

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Raub Greedy

This Week’s Guest Of The Week Is Raub Greedy Of Raub Greedy Clothing Line. He Also Prints For Other Brands Aside From His Own With His Printing Company ‘Printpiphany’. Check Out The Episode Here To See This Week’s Guest Of The Week Talk About His Brand &&. All The Things He Loves About Chicago With Host BRichie. Also See How He Answers The ‘Relationship Realness Question Of The Week’ As Well As Fan Favorite Game ‘This Or That’ All Here On This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By Brichie. This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify.

New Year, Same Goal

Sorry For My Absence, I Have Been Trying To Get My Life! BroCode By BRichie Is Still In Full Force On Facebook with ‘BRich Music Picks’ &&. The Podcast Will Be Back VERY Soon *Hint Hint*. For Those Who Don’t Know, BroCode By BRichie Was An Idea I Came Up With After My Best Friend Preston Was Killed. He Was The Person I Talked To About EVERYTHING. When I Lost Him I Honestly Lost Myself. I Became A Loner &&. Began Experiencing Anxiety Really Bad. I Decided To Channel Things By Going Back To School For Media. BroCode By BRichie Was Birthed At Illinois Media School. It Is My Dedication To My Best Friend Preston Which Is The Reason Its Called BroCode. I Wanted It To Be Like Our Old Conversations When We Used To Talk About Everything. Today My Best Friend Would Have Been 29 Years Old. Although He’s Not Here Anymore My Goal Is For The World To Know Him Through BroCode By BRichie. Listen To This Throwback Thursday Edition Of BroCode By BRichie With Cody Moe To Hear More About Preston &&. My Goals For BroCode By BRichie!

Right Or Wrong

BroCode Of The Week: Right Or Wrong

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Right Or Wrong. I Believe Friends Are Next To Family &&. Sometimes Closer. Whether Family Or Friend You Should Always Have Their Back. Regardless Of If You Know Their Wrong, In That Moment You’re Supposed To Have Your Friends’ Back. You Have To Be Able To Hold It Down For Your People Whether Their Right Or Wrong In The Situation. Even If You All Don’t Agree On It Later, You Have To Agree With Your Friend In That Moment Or That’s Breaking The Code. To Hear This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Click Here.

Spill With Caution

BroCode Of The Week: Spill With Caution

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Spill With Caution. By This I Mean Its Okay To Tell Your Friends Some Things But Not Everything &&. If You Do Be Careful. Its Nothing Wrong With Talking To Your Friends &&. Letting Them In On Certain Things, Just Remember They May Not Forget Or Forgive As You Do. Often We Tell Our Friends Negative Things In The Moment Which Causes Our Friends Negative Actions Towards The Situation. It Can All Be Avoided By Simply Spilling With Caution. To Hear This Week’s BroCode Of The Week, Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here.

Everybody Can’t Go

BroCode Of The Week: Everybody Can’t Go

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Everybody Can’t Go. Sometimes Your Circle Can Be Your Distraction. If You Have Goals That You Are Working Towards Don’t Let Negativity Stop You. If Your Friends Are Hurting You More Than Helping You Their Distracting You From Your Goals &&. Thats Breaking The Code. To Hear This Week’s Episode “Everybody Can’t Go” Check Out SoundCloud Or ITunes.

Bros Ain’t For Everybody

BroCode Of The Week: Bros Ain’t For Everybody!

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Bros Ain’t For Everybody. By This I Mean Sharing Is Not Caring When It Comes To Ex’s &&. Your Friends. No Matter Who Says It Is Ok, Don’t Share Within The Ship. Somebody Will Always Resent The Decision Down The Line. It May Be Tempting But No Matter How Tempting It May Seem, Don’t Do It. Dodge That Little Spicy Temptation &&. Find Someone Else. Don’t Ruin A Permanent Friendship For Temporary Temptation. Remain Loyal To Your Friend &&. Don’t Break The Code. Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here On Soundcloud.

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