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New Year, Same Goal

Sorry For My Absence, I Have Been Trying To Get My Life! BroCode By BRichie Is Still In Full Force On Facebook with ‘BRich Music Picks’ &&. The Podcast Will Be Back VERY Soon *Hint Hint*. For Those Who Don’t Know, BroCode By BRichie Was An Idea I Came Up With After My Best Friend Preston Was Killed. He Was The Person I Talked To About EVERYTHING. When I Lost Him I Honestly Lost Myself. I Became A Loner &&. Began Experiencing Anxiety Really Bad. I Decided To Channel Things By Going Back To School For Media. BroCode By BRichie Was Birthed At Illinois Media School. It Is My Dedication To My Best Friend Preston Which Is The Reason Its Called BroCode. I Wanted It To Be Like Our Old Conversations When We Used To Talk About Everything. Today My Best Friend Would Have Been 29 Years Old. Although He’s Not Here Anymore My Goal Is For The World To Know Him Through BroCode By BRichie. Listen To This Throwback Thursday Edition Of BroCode By BRichie With Cody Moe To Hear More About Preston &&. My Goals For BroCode By BRichie!


Right Or Wrong

BroCode Of The Week: Right Or Wrong

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Right Or Wrong. I Believe Friends Are Next To Family &&. Sometimes Closer. Whether Family Or Friend You Should Always Have Their Back. Regardless Of If You Know Their Wrong, In That Moment You’re Supposed To Have Your Friends’ Back. You Have To Be Able To Hold It Down For Your People Whether Their Right Or Wrong In The Situation. Even If You All Don’t Agree On It Later, You Have To Agree With Your Friend In That Moment Or That’s Breaking The Code. To Hear This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Click Here.


Spill With Caution

BroCode Of The Week: Spill With Caution

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Spill With Caution. By This I Mean Its Okay To Tell Your Friends Some Things But Not Everything &&. If You Do Be Careful. Its Nothing Wrong With Talking To Your Friends &&. Letting Them In On Certain Things, Just Remember They May Not Forget Or Forgive As You Do. Often We Tell Our Friends Negative Things In The Moment Which Causes Our Friends Negative Actions Towards The Situation. It Can All Be Avoided By Simply Spilling With Caution. To Hear This Week’s BroCode Of The Week, Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here.


Everybody Can’t Go

BroCode Of The Week: Everybody Can’t Go

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Everybody Can’t Go. Sometimes Your Circle Can Be Your Distraction. If You Have Goals That You Are Working Towards Don’t Let Negativity Stop You. If Your Friends Are Hurting You More Than Helping You Their Distracting You From Your Goals &&. Thats Breaking The Code. To Hear This Week’s Episode “Everybody Can’t Go” Check Out SoundCloud Or ITunes.


Bros Ain’t For Everybody

BroCode Of The Week: Bros Ain’t For Everybody!

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Bros Ain’t For Everybody. By This I Mean Sharing Is Not Caring When It Comes To Ex’s &&. Your Friends. No Matter Who Says It Is Ok, Don’t Share Within The Ship. Somebody Will Always Resent The Decision Down The Line. It May Be Tempting But No Matter How Tempting It May Seem, Don’t Do It. Dodge That Little Spicy Temptation &&. Find Someone Else. Don’t Ruin A Permanent Friendship For Temporary Temptation. Remain Loyal To Your Friend &&. Don’t Break The Code. Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here On Soundcloud.


Bros Before Fake Goals

BroCode Of The Week: Bros Before Fake Goals

This Week BroCode Of The Week Is Bros Before Fake Goals. Yall Know The Real Saying. Im Not Going To Say The ‘H’ Word, Or Unstable Creatures. Im Going To Say Fake Goals. Today Social Media Has Us All Caught Up On ‘Goals’. Don’t Let Fake Goals Ruin The Ship. Which Is Why I Said Fake Goals, Cause Im More So Talking To My Sisters. Don’t Put Relationship Goals Before Friendship Goals. Sometimes Sis Get Boo’d Up &&. Forget Who Is There When Homeboy Makes You Mad. Don’t Be The Friend That Only Calls When Things Are Bad Or The Friend That Doesn’t Call At All Because Your Too Busy Caught Up On ‘Goals’. Especially If Your Not Working On Getting Your ‘Life Goals’ Together First! Check Out My Soundcloud For More On This Week’s BroCode Of The Week.


Loyalty Before Royalty

BroCode Of The Week: Loyalty Before Royalty

This Weeks BroCode Of The Week Is Loyalty Before Royalty. That Simply Means Put The Ship 1st! Whatever The Ship May Be; Friendship, Relationship, Family-Ship! Put Them 1st If You Truly Rock With Them Bro/SIS. NO Money, Hear Say, LIKES, Or Attitude Should Change Your Loyalty To The Ship. Its All About Communication At The End Of The Day. Talk Through It If Its A Problem Before Its Disloyalty. Check Out My Soundcloud For More About This Topic &&. Much More.