Small Wins Are Still Wins

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 15

BroCode Of The Week

-Small Wins Are Still Wins

BroCode Guest Of The Week


Poppin Topic

Can Cancel Culture Be Cancelled?

Relationship Realness Question

Would You Get Rid Of Social Media For Your Partner?

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Poppin Topic-Move Smart

Poppin Topic Of The Week: Move Smart

This Week’s Poppin Topic Is All About Moving Smart In These Streets. With Everything That Is Going On Overseas With ASAP Rocky &&. Future’s Bodyguard A Real Conversation Is Needed. Artist Are Sometimes Targeted Not Only Because The Status They Have But Also The Color Of Their Skin. A Lot Of People Had A Lot To Say About Future Not Defending His Bodyguard, Including Me. Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie To Hear What The Guest Of The Week JMoe &&. Basik Had To Say About These Topics. This Episode Is Available On ITunes, IHeartRadio, Spotify, &&. Google.

If You Say Your Good, Act Like It

BroCode Of The Week: If You Say Your Good, Act Like It

I Personally Will Never Down The Next Person Because You Never Know The Next Person’s Struggle &&. Nor Am I God. Judging Isn’t Your Or My Call. I Believe EVERYBODY Struggles In Their Lives At Same Point. Just Because Your Up Doesn’t Make It Okay To Down Someone That’s Struggling Or Not Where You Are In Life. Once They’re Up You May Need Their Help So Do Right By Your People &&. Treat Them How You Would Like To Be Treated Regardless Of Their Circumstances. For More On This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On ITunes, Spotify, IHeartMedia, Or SoundCloud.

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Icon

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Icon Chuck Moo

This Week’s Guest Of The Week Is Founder &&. Owner Of Icon Clothing, Chuck Moo. Icon Is A Chicago Brand That Is Going Global. It Was Started In 2018 But Is Already A Pretty Big Deal. The Meaning Behind The Name Is I Can Overcome Negativity Which Is Definitely A Plus Beyond The Great Look. Find Out What Chuck Has In Mind For His Brand Icon &&. Much More On This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Available Here On Itunes, Spotify, &&. SoundCloud.

Let Go &&. Let God

BroCode Of The Week: Let Go &&. Let God

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Let Go &&. Let God. Everything Is Not Worth Putting Energy Into. I Feel Once Things Are Over In Relationships Or Friendships Reflect On The Good Verses The Bad. The Longer You Spend Time On The Bad, The More Bitter You’ll Become About The Situation Overall. Appreciate The Blessings &&. Lessons Learned Because It Could Always Be Worse. I Personally Have No Bad Blood With Anyone I Was Once Cool With. I Pray For Them Just Like I Pray For The People That Are In My Life Currently &&. The People To Come In The Future. You’ll Never Hear Me Talk Down On Them Because At One Point Of Time I Loved Them. Once I Love You, I Love You Forever. To See Me Talk About The BroCode Of The Week Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here! This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

BroCode Of The Week: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Don’t Worry, Be Happy! If You See Your Friend Is Happy Allow Them To Enjoy Whatever It Is That Makes Them Happy. If Your Friend Isn’t Worry About Anything Don’t Worry For Them. You Should Have Peace In Seeing Your Friends Happy. Don’t Look For Reasons To Disturb Their Joy, If They’re Happy Let Them Be Cause Being A Negative Nancy Is Definitely Breaking The Code! To Hear More On The BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Here.

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