Poppin Topic-TV Reboots

I Personally Believe You’re Supposed To Leave Well Enough Alone, I Guess TV Lovers Believe Otherwise. I’m Saying That Because A Lot Of TV Shows Are Coming Back On Air. One Of The First Shows To Come Back On Air Was ‘Full House’. They Changed The Name From ‘Full House’ To ‘Fuller House’ To Show The Growth In The Cast. The Most Recent TV Reboot In The Talks Is ‘Martin’. ‘Martin’ Was One Of My Favorite TV Shows Growing Up, So I Was Excited To See That The Show Was Coming Back. Then I Started To Think, Will Everything Be The Same?? Will Martin &&. Gina Love Be The Same? How Will They Play Out That Actor Tommy Ford Has Passed? I Mean, I Would Love To See New Episodes Of ‘Martin’ But Only If Its Like The Original TV Series. For More On This Week’s Poppin Topic, Check Out BroCode By BRichie On Soundcloud.

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