Small Wins Are Still Wins

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 15

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-Small Wins Are Still Wins

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Poppin Topic

Can Cancel Culture Be Cancelled?

Relationship Realness Question

Would You Get Rid Of Social Media For Your Partner?

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Once You Crossed Me, You Lost Me

BroCode Of The Week: Once You Crossed Me, You Lost Me

This Goes For Friendships &&. Relationships, Once You Cross The Line You Have To Stay There. I Spoke On Trust Issues A Little Last Week With The Relationship Realness Being About The Biggest Fears In Relationships. You Never Know Someone’s True Intent Until A Disagreement Happens, Then You See Their Real Character. If They Try To Hurt You In Any Form Because They’re Hurt, They’re Not For You. Only Relationships You Don’t Get To Decide Is Family. Other Than Family, You Choose The Energy Thats Around You &&. You Know When Someone’s Throwing Your Energy Off. Be Able To Enjoy Your Own Company Before You Allow Negativity Around You. If They Cross The Line With You, Chances Are They Are Not For You. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On IHeartRadio, ITunes, Spotify, Or Google.

Fear None

BroCode Of The Week: Fear None

You Have To Take Chances &&. Be Fearless. If You Really Want To Do It, Then Do It. Don’t Operate With Fear &&. That Includes When You’re At Work, School, Relationships, Friendship, Just Life In General. You Only Living Once, Why Not Take Chances &&. Live Your Best Life While You’re Here. Be Fearless Bro &&. Sis! For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode On YouTube, ITunes, IHeartRadio, Or Spotify.

Get Your Spirit Right

BroCode Of The Week: Get Your Spirit Right

This BroCode Is Pretty Simple But Allow Me To Break It Down A Little Bit More. What Celie Say On The ‘Color Purple’? Until You Do Right By Me Everything You Do Will Fail. That Really Was A Message Coming From God. You Trying To Figure Out Why Nothing Is Going Right In Your Life Its Because Your Spirit Ain’t Right &&. You Haven’t Got Right With God. Not Saying You Don’t Have A Relationship With God, But Its About The Type Of Relationship You Have With Him. God Knows Users Too So Don’t Just Call On Him When Things Are Going Bad, Don’t Forget To Thank Him For The Good &&. Even The Bad! I’m Big On It Can Always Be Worse. I Believe The Bad Gives You Strength Or Stress, It All Depends On Your Spirit. So If Your Spirit Ain’t Right Something Is Always Going To Be Wrong! Get Your Spirit Right Bro’s &&. Sis! For More On This BroCode Of The Week Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here. This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

BroCode Of The Week: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Don’t Worry, Be Happy! If You See Your Friend Is Happy Allow Them To Enjoy Whatever It Is That Makes Them Happy. If Your Friend Isn’t Worry About Anything Don’t Worry For Them. You Should Have Peace In Seeing Your Friends Happy. Don’t Look For Reasons To Disturb Their Joy, If They’re Happy Let Them Be Cause Being A Negative Nancy Is Definitely Breaking The Code! To Hear More On The BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Here.

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