Small Wins Are Still Wins

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 15

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-Small Wins Are Still Wins

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Can Cancel Culture Be Cancelled?

Relationship Realness Question

Would You Get Rid Of Social Media For Your Partner?

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Move In Silence

BroCode Of The Week: Move In Silence

Every Move You Make Doesn’t Have To Be Discussed. If Your Focusing On Growth Its No Need To Be Focused On Anything Else. Everything Doesn’t Require A Post. Your Success Is Still Your Success Whether Its 10 Thousand People Celebrating Or 10. Sometimes The People That Clap The Loudest Are People You Don’t Even Know. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode On ITunes, IHeartRadio, Spotify, &&. Google.

If You Say Your Good, Act Like It

BroCode Of The Week: If You Say Your Good, Act Like It

I Personally Will Never Down The Next Person Because You Never Know The Next Person’s Struggle &&. Nor Am I God. Judging Isn’t Your Or My Call. I Believe EVERYBODY Struggles In Their Lives At Same Point. Just Because Your Up Doesn’t Make It Okay To Down Someone That’s Struggling Or Not Where You Are In Life. Once They’re Up You May Need Their Help So Do Right By Your People &&. Treat Them How You Would Like To Be Treated Regardless Of Their Circumstances. For More On This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On ITunes, Spotify, IHeartMedia, Or SoundCloud.

Changes Happens

BroCode Of The Week: Changes Happens

As We Grow We Become Set In Our Ways. We Get Comfortable The Older We Get &&. The Older We Get The More We Fear Change. I Learned That With Change Comes True Growth. Those Uncomfortable Situations Sometimes Bring The Best Out Of You Because It Pushes You To Do Something Different. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On Itunes, Spotify, &&. SoundCloud.

Never Kiss &&. Tell

BroCode Of The Week: Never Kiss &&. Tell

I Feel Like Everything Isn’t For Everybody. What Goes On Between You &&. Another Person In The Bed Room Is One Of Those Things. Your Bros Or Sis Don’t Need To Know How Good Or Bad It Was Unless You Want Them To Try It Too. I Think Something Like That Should Remain Between The People That Were Actually There Unless Your Trying To Get Bragging Points. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Podcast On Itunes, Spotify, Or SoundCloud.

Foundation Matters

BroCode Of The Week: Foundation Matters

Its Literally Levels To Friendship. People You Consider Associates, Ones You Consider Like Family All Had To Gain Your Trust At Some Point. Trust Is One Of The Biggest Part Of Any Relationship. You First Have To Get To Know A Person, Build Some Kind Of Trust To Figure Out What Kind Of Part Will They Play In Life. I’m Seeing That People Are Becoming Friends Through Social Media Then Get Mad Once They Get Snaked In Some Type Of Way. Thats Because They Didn’t Know The Person &&. Didn’t Take The Time To Get To Know Them. Foundation Matters. Nothing Last On Fresh Soil. For This BroCode Of The Week &&. More Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On SoundCloud, ITunes, Or Spotify.

Loyalty Foyalty

BroCode Of The Week: Loyalty Foyalty

Loyalty Foyalty Basically Means Loyalty Should Be Earned, Not Given. A Lot Of People Spend Time Being Loyal To Others Who Are Not Loyal To Them. I Believe You End Up Disappointed When You Are Loyal To Anyone Before Being Loyal To Yourself. Get To Know Who A Person Really Is Before You Feel You Have To Be Loyal To Them. For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On SoundCloud, Spotify, &&. ITunes.

Let Go &&. Let God

BroCode Of The Week: Let Go &&. Let God

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Let Go &&. Let God. Everything Is Not Worth Putting Energy Into. I Feel Once Things Are Over In Relationships Or Friendships Reflect On The Good Verses The Bad. The Longer You Spend Time On The Bad, The More Bitter You’ll Become About The Situation Overall. Appreciate The Blessings &&. Lessons Learned Because It Could Always Be Worse. I Personally Have No Bad Blood With Anyone I Was Once Cool With. I Pray For Them Just Like I Pray For The People That Are In My Life Currently &&. The People To Come In The Future. You’ll Never Hear Me Talk Down On Them Because At One Point Of Time I Loved Them. Once I Love You, I Love You Forever. To See Me Talk About The BroCode Of The Week Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here! This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify.


New Year, Same Goal

Sorry For My Absence, I Have Been Trying To Get My Life! BroCode By BRichie Is Still In Full Force On Facebook with ‘BRich Music Picks’ &&. The Podcast Will Be Back VERY Soon *Hint Hint*. For Those Who Don’t Know, BroCode By BRichie Was An Idea I Came Up With After My Best Friend Preston Was Killed. He Was The Person I Talked To About EVERYTHING. When I Lost Him I Honestly Lost Myself. I Became A Loner &&. Began Experiencing Anxiety Really Bad. I Decided To Channel Things By Going Back To School For Media. BroCode By BRichie Was Birthed At Illinois Media School. It Is My Dedication To My Best Friend Preston Which Is The Reason Its Called BroCode. I Wanted It To Be Like Our Old Conversations When We Used To Talk About Everything. Today My Best Friend Would Have Been 29 Years Old. Although He’s Not Here Anymore My Goal Is For The World To Know Him Through BroCode By BRichie. Listen To This Throwback Thursday Edition Of BroCode By BRichie With Cody Moe To Hear More About Preston &&. My Goals For BroCode By BRichie!

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