A Old Dog Can Still Learn New Tricks

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 4

BroCode Of The Week

-A Old Dog Can Still Learn New Tricks

BroCode Guest Of The Week

@Alluring_Alicia– Owner Of @All_A_Board.Inc

@Ivbaze– Owner Of @EnviEyes

@NovaGholar – Artist/Producer

Relationship Realness Question

Would You Date The Person You Are Today?

Shop: @All_A_Board.Inc

Book: https://bookenvieyes.as.me/schedule.php

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Poppin Topic-Summer Goals

Poppin Topic Of The Week: Summer Goals

This Week’s Poppin Topic Is Dedicated To Summer Goals. As The Weather Is Changing In Chicago So Are People’s Goals. A Lot Of People Have Set Weight Goals, Traveling Goals, Eating/Restaurant Goals For The Summer. Listen To Find Out Some Of Those Goals From BRichie Along With Guest Of The Week EZ‘s On BroCode By BRichie Here. This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud &&. Spotify.

Poppin Topic-Things We Love About Chicago

Poppin Topic Of The Week: Things We Love About Chicago

This Week’s Poppin Topic Is All About BRichie’s Hometown Chicago. Watch To See BRichie &&. The Guest Of The Week Raub Greedy Talk About All The Things Chicago Is Known For. From Movies, To Music, To The Food, To Chicago’s Slang BRichie Has It Covered With The Guest Of The Week About Some Of The Reasons Why They Love The City! Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here! You Can Also Check Out This Episode On Soundcloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify.

Sunday Dinner

When Is The Last Time You’ve Had Sunday Dinner? Not Food On A Sunday But An Actual Home Cooked Meal With Your Family? Sunday Dinner Used To Be A Time Where Family Gathered To Share A Meal Together But Most Importantly Conversation. Sunday Dinner Is So Important To Me Because Family Is All We Have, Good Or Bad. It Is Always Important To Talk To Your Love Ones &&. Know Whats Going On With Them. Sometimes We Get So Caught Up In Our Own Lives That We Forget About The Small Things That Are Important Like Sunday Dinner. Yes, I’m Pretty Sure There Are Other Times You Can Talk To Your Family But What Better Way Than Over A Good Ol’ Home Cooked Meal? Phone Calls Are Cool, When We Remember To Call But It’s Nothing Like Being Face To Face &&. Breaking Bread With Your Family. Don’t Wait Until It’s A Funeral Or Tragic Event To Say As A Family That We Should Come Together More Often. Let The ‘More Often’ Be On Sundays. Everyone Has A Life &&. Moves On Different Schedules But Make Sundays For Family, You Only Get One. Stop Eating Food On Sundays &&. Get You Some Sunday Dinner. I Heard Its Good For The Soul!

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