Know Your Role

BroCode Of The Week: Know Your Role

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Know Your Role. This BroCode Means Know Your Purpose In Your Friend’s Life. Everyone Can’t Do Everything &&. That’s Where Knowing Your Role Comes In To Play. We All Have Certain Friends We Do Certain Things With. That Doesn’t Mean That That Person Isn’t Your Friend. It Just Means They Know Your Role &&. Don’t Want To Take You Outside Of Your Character. Which Is A Good Thing. To Hear More On The Week’s Episode Of BroCode Click Here.

Bros Before Fake Goals

BroCode Of The Week: Bros Before Fake Goals

This Week BroCode Of The Week Is Bros Before Fake Goals. Yall Know The Real Saying. Im Not Going To Say The ‘H’ Word, Or Unstable Creatures. Im Going To Say Fake Goals. Today Social Media Has Us All Caught Up On ‘Goals’. Don’t Let Fake Goals Ruin The Ship. Which Is Why I Said Fake Goals, Cause Im More So Talking To My Sisters. Don’t Put Relationship Goals Before Friendship Goals. Sometimes Sis Get Boo’d Up &&. Forget Who Is There When Homeboy Makes You Mad. Don’t Be The Friend That Only Calls When Things Are Bad Or The Friend That Doesn’t Call At All Because Your Too Busy Caught Up On ‘Goals’. Especially If Your Not Working On Getting Your ‘Life Goals’ Together First! Check Out My Soundcloud For More On This Week’s BroCode Of The Week.

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