Poppin Topic-Move Smart

Poppin Topic Of The Week: Move Smart

This Week’s Poppin Topic Is All About Moving Smart In These Streets. With Everything That Is Going On Overseas With ASAP Rocky &&. Future’s Bodyguard A Real Conversation Is Needed. Artist Are Sometimes Targeted Not Only Because The Status They Have But Also The Color Of Their Skin. A Lot Of People Had A Lot To Say About Future Not Defending His Bodyguard, Including Me. Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie To Hear What The Guest Of The Week JMoe &&. Basik Had To Say About These Topics. This Episode Is Available On ITunes, IHeartRadio, Spotify, &&. Google.

If You Say Your Good, Act Like It

BroCode Of The Week: If You Say Your Good, Act Like It

I Personally Will Never Down The Next Person Because You Never Know The Next Person’s Struggle &&. Nor Am I God. Judging Isn’t Your Or My Call. I Believe EVERYBODY Struggles In Their Lives At Same Point. Just Because Your Up Doesn’t Make It Okay To Down Someone That’s Struggling Or Not Where You Are In Life. Once They’re Up You May Need Their Help So Do Right By Your People &&. Treat Them How You Would Like To Be Treated Regardless Of Their Circumstances. For More On This BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On ITunes, Spotify, IHeartMedia, Or SoundCloud.

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Pillars Club

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Andre &&. Robin Of Pillars Club

This Week Host BRichie Had Andre &&. Robin Of Pillars Club As Her Guest Of The Week. Pillars Clothing Brand Has Been In Business For 2 Years &&. Counting. They Are Passionate Entrepreneurs That Are About Fashion &&. Giving Back. Listen To Them Talk About Their Brand &&. Much More. To Purchase Clothing From Pillars Club Go To PillarsClub.co Or Visit Their Store Located On 1167 W. Madison St. Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie On Itunes, Spotify, &&. SoundCloud.

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Panamera P

BroCode Guest Of The Week: Panamera P

This Week’s Guest Is Chicago Rapper, Panamera P. He’s No Stranger To BroCode By BRichie Podcast As This Is His Second Time Being A Guest. With Five Mixtapes Under His Belt, Panamera P Is Taking Over The Chicago Rap Scene. Listen To This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie To Hear Panamera P Talk About His Upcoming Mixtape &&. Much More With Host BRichie. Check Out This Episode On SoundCloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify. Don’t Break The Code!

Never Do The Most

BroCode Of The Week: Never Do The Most

Be Yourself At All Times. If You Have To Be Anyone Other Than Yourself To Be Around Someone, They Ain’t Your Speed. Whether Its A Friendship Or A Relationship. Never Down Play Yourself For The Next Person. At That Point You Would Be Stunting Your Own Growth &&. Stopping Yourself From Reaching Your Fullest Potential. Before You Stroke Someone Else’s Ego Stroke Your Own Bro’s &&. Sis! For More Of This BroCode Of The Week Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here. This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud &&. Spotify.

New Year, Same Goal

Sorry For My Absence, I Have Been Trying To Get My Life! BroCode By BRichie Is Still In Full Force On Facebook with ‘BRich Music Picks’ &&. The Podcast Will Be Back VERY Soon *Hint Hint*. For Those Who Don’t Know, BroCode By BRichie Was An Idea I Came Up With After My Best Friend Preston Was Killed. He Was The Person I Talked To About EVERYTHING. When I Lost Him I Honestly Lost Myself. I Became A Loner &&. Began Experiencing Anxiety Really Bad. I Decided To Channel Things By Going Back To School For Media. BroCode By BRichie Was Birthed At Illinois Media School. It Is My Dedication To My Best Friend Preston Which Is The Reason Its Called BroCode. I Wanted It To Be Like Our Old Conversations When We Used To Talk About Everything. Today My Best Friend Would Have Been 29 Years Old. Although He’s Not Here Anymore My Goal Is For The World To Know Him Through BroCode By BRichie. Listen To This Throwback Thursday Edition Of BroCode By BRichie With Cody Moe To Hear More About Preston &&. My Goals For BroCode By BRichie!

Poppin Topic-Unity In Chicago

Poppin Topic Of The Week: Unity In Chicago

I Personally Feel Like Chicago Influences The World. From Shows Like ‘The Chi’ To Today’s Music, Chicago Is The Culture. So Why Is It That We Don’t Get The Recognition We Deserve As A City? I Believe Its Because Of The Unity In The City. I Know If All The Entertainers In Chicago Came Together For A Positive Reason, We As A City Would Be Looked At Differently. Of Course Common Comes Home &&. Show Love But Its Going To Take More Than Just Common To Put Chicago On. Not Taking Anything Away From The Other Entertainers That Contribute To The City. I Appreciate People Like Chance The Rapper Who Continuously Strives To Make Chicago Better. I See The Bigger Picture For My City, Which Is If We Unify We Can Multiple Our City’s Name &&. Reputation. I Want Chicago To Be Looked At Like Places Like Atlanta, New York, &&. LA When It Comes To Today’s Culture Influence. To Hear Me Discuss This Week’s Poppin Topic With My Guest Of The Week Cody Moe, Check Out Soundcloud For This Week’s Episode Of BroCode!

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