Let Go &&. Let God

BroCode Of The Week: Let Go &&. Let God

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Let Go &&. Let God. Everything Is Not Worth Putting Energy Into. I Feel Once Things Are Over In Relationships Or Friendships Reflect On The Good Verses The Bad. The Longer You Spend Time On The Bad, The More Bitter You’ll Become About The Situation Overall. Appreciate The Blessings &&. Lessons Learned Because It Could Always Be Worse. I Personally Have No Bad Blood With Anyone I Was Once Cool With. I Pray For Them Just Like I Pray For The People That Are In My Life Currently &&. The People To Come In The Future. You’ll Never Hear Me Talk Down On Them Because At One Point Of Time I Loved Them. Once I Love You, I Love You Forever. To See Me Talk About The BroCode Of The Week Check Out The Latest Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here! This Episode Is Also Available On Soundcloud, ITunes, &&. Spotify.


Keep The Same Energy

BroCode Of The Week: Keep The Same Energy

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Keep The Same Energy. Keep The Same Energy To Me Means ┬áTo Be The Same Person All The Time. When Saying Keep The Same Energy When It Comes To Friendship I Mean After The Friendship Is Over Be The Same Person. Don’t Become Vindictive Once The Friendship Is Over. Be The Same Friend You Were In The Friendship After It. Every Relationship Should Inspire Growth. Don’t Be Shady If The Friendship Is Over Before Expected. Listen To BRichie Talk More About The BroCode Of The Week On This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie.

Know Your Role

BroCode Of The Week: Know Your Role

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Know Your Role. This BroCode Means Know Your Purpose In Your Friend’s Life. Everyone Can’t Do Everything &&. That’s Where Knowing Your Role Comes In To Play. We All Have Certain Friends We Do Certain Things With. That Doesn’t Mean That That Person Isn’t Your Friend. It Just Means They Know Your Role &&. Don’t Want To Take You Outside Of Your Character. Which Is A Good Thing. To Hear More On The Week’s Episode Of BroCode Click Here.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

BroCode Of The Week: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Don’t Worry, Be Happy! If You See Your Friend Is Happy Allow Them To Enjoy Whatever It Is That Makes Them Happy. If Your Friend Isn’t Worry About Anything Don’t Worry For Them. You Should Have Peace In Seeing Your Friends Happy. Don’t Look For Reasons To Disturb Their Joy, If They’re Happy Let Them Be Cause Being A Negative Nancy Is Definitely Breaking The Code! To Hear More On The BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Here.

Everybody Can’t Go

BroCode Of The Week: Everybody Can’t Go

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Everybody Can’t Go. Sometimes Your Circle Can Be Your Distraction. If You Have Goals That You Are Working Towards Don’t Let Negativity Stop You. If Your Friends Are Hurting You More Than Helping You Their Distracting You From Your Goals &&. Thats Breaking The Code. To Hear This Week’s Episode “Everybody Can’t Go” Check Out SoundCloud Or ITunes.

Don’t Take Bro For Granted

BroCode Of The Week: Don’t Take Bro For Granted

Please Remember That Everything Your Friend Does Is Because They Want To. Don’t Take For Granted Everything Your Friend Does Because You Feel Like It’s Their Friendly Duty. Always Be Considerate Of Others Doing For You. Friends Are To Be Cherished, Not Used. To Hear More On This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode Here On Soundcloud.

Word Is Bond

BroCode Of The Week: Word Is Bond!

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Word Is Bond. That Simply Means Your Word Is Everything. If You Say Your Going To Do Something You Should Stick To It. If You Say It, Do It! If Your Unsure Initially Don’t Commit. You Have To Let It Be Known When Your Not Going To Be Able To Follow Through. Not Letting It Be Known Makes The Situation Even Worse. Never Send Your Friends Off Because Thats Definitely Breaking The Code. Check Out This Week’s Episode Here On Soundcloud.

Bros Ain’t For Everybody

BroCode Of The Week: Bros Ain’t For Everybody!

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is Bros Ain’t For Everybody. By This I Mean Sharing Is Not Caring When It Comes To Ex’s &&. Your Friends. No Matter Who Says It Is Ok, Don’t Share Within The Ship. Somebody Will Always Resent The Decision Down The Line. It May Be Tempting But No Matter How Tempting It May Seem, Don’t Do It. Dodge That Little Spicy Temptation &&. Find Someone Else. Don’t Ruin A Permanent Friendship For Temporary Temptation. Remain Loyal To Your Friend &&. Don’t Break The Code. Check Out This Week’s Episode Of BroCode By BRichie Here On Soundcloud.

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