Flaws &&. All

BroCode By BRichie Season 5 Ep. 2

BroCode Of The Week

-Flaws &&. All

In A Time Where Whatever We Don’t Like About Ourselves On The Outside We Can Get It Fixed, Who’s Actually Taking The Time To Fix What’s Going On On The Inside? Which Is Most Important. We’re All Made Differently Which Is Why We’re All Unique In Our Own Special Way. What Some May Say Is A Flaw I’d Like To Call It A Imperfection. Show Me The Perfect Person &&. I’ll Show You A Liar. We’re All Imperfect, Flawed Or Whatever You Want To Call It. As Long As You Love You &&. All Of You, Everyone That’s Supposed To Love You Will Love You Too, Flaws &&. All! Be Sure To Let Me Know How You Feel About This BroCode In The Comments. Check Out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 &&. Part 4 Of ‘Flaws &&. All’ Below. The Full Episode Drops Monday!

BroCode Guest Of The Week


Poppin Topic

Flaws Of Social Media

Relationship Realness Question

Is Trust Given Or Earned?

&&. Much More! Tap In Now Bro’s &&. Sis’, Don’t Break The Code!

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