At Your Convenience Is Inconvenient

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 25

BroCode Of The Week

-At Your Convenience Is Inconvenient

I Know Yall Over There Like Huh Like What? Seriously Bro’s &&. Sis Friendship Is About Loving Your Homie Thru The Good &&. Bad No Matter How Bad It Is If It’s Truly Your Friend. It’s Not About Being There When It’s Easy For You. What If It’s Really Hard For Them? Never Let Somebody Kick It With You Because It’s Easy For Them At The Moment. Real Friends Are There All The Time Not Just When Its Convenient. For More Of The BroCode You Can Check Out The Full Episode Of ‘At Your Convenience Is Inconvenient’ Below.

BroCode Guest Of The Week

@HerAuraBRich- Host (IG Page)

Poppin Topic

Mental Health Awareness

-Experiencing Anxiety Or Depression

Relationship Realness Question

Faithful &&. Broke Or Unfaithful &&. Rich?

&&. Much More! Tune In Now!! Don’t Break The Code!

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