Put That Woman First

BroCode By BRichie Season 4 Ep. 23

BroCode Of The Week

-Put That Woman First

There’s A Saying, “Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman Not Getting Her Credit” Or Something Like That. Just Kidding But I Do Believe You Need A Strong Woman In Your Life To Succeed. Whether You’re A Man Or A Woman Your Mom, Grandma, Sister, Auntie Etc. Feedback Is Important. Value Their Time &&. Advice When It’s Offered Because You May Need It More Than You Know.

I Also Believe Men Have To Do A Better Job At Loving On Us Women, If I’m Going To Be Honest About “Putting That Woman First”. By Loving On Us I Mean Having Chivalry No Matter The Relation &&. Protecting Us Regardless Of The Circumstance. Men, Treat All Women How You Would Want Others To Treat Your Mother Or Daughter. To Me, That’s How You Put That Woman First Bro’s &&. Sis’. Check Out This Week’s Full Episode Below. #DontBreakTheCode

BroCode Guest Of The Week

@WontonStew1– Owner Of @AlexanderJamesWhiskey

Poppin Topic

Mother’s Day/Mental Health Awareness Month

Relationship Realness Question

Would You Ever Be In A Polyamorous Relationship?

&&. Much More! Tap In To Watch The Full Episode Here. Don’t Break The Code!

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