No New Friends

BroCode Of The Week: No New Friends

This Week’s BroCode Of The Week Is No New Friends. Shady, But Real. I’m Not Saying Don’t Grow, I’m Simply Saying If You Make New Friends Don’t Expect Your Old Friends To Be Super Accepting Of Them. Your New Friend May Not Mesh Well With Your Regular Group Of Friends. You Also Have To Be Conscious Of Who You Surround Yourself &&. Your Friends Around. Everybody Shouldn’t Be Able To Sit With Your Team. Your Intensions May Be Pure But That Doesn’t Mean That Others Always Are. Don’t Assume They Will Be A Good Friend Because Of What You See On The Outside. Get To Know The Person Before You Label Them A Friend Because Having Fake Friends Is Worse Than Having No Friends To Me. For More On This Week’s BroCode Check Out This Week’s Episode Here On Soundcloud.

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