Poppin Topic-Old School Groups

Poppin Topic Of The Week: Are Old School Groups The New Groups??

So Im Big On Music, Old &&. New But I’ve Been Noticing That I Don’t See Too Many New Groups. Something Else I Noticed Is These Old School Groups Are Out Here Killing It!! From TV To Sold Out Concerts These Old School Groups Are Taking Their Thrones Back One Throwback At A Time. With All The Old School Groups Coming Back I Do Believe It Makes It Kind Of Hard For The Newer Acts. Most New Acts Sample Old School Music &&. That Helps Bring Relevance Too But It’s No Way A New Group Could Compare To SWV, Xscape, New Edition Etc. I Mean They Already Have The Hits &&. The Fans So It’s Hard To Compete With Them. I’m Just Waiting On Destiny’s Child &&. B2k To Get Back Together, Even Though Their Not Old School Groups I Just Thought I’d Throw It Out In The Universe. For More On This Poppin Topic Check Out This Weeks Episode Of BroCode.

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