Poppin Topic-All Things 2017

Poppin Topic Of The Week: All Things 2017

As This Year Is Ending I Feel Its Only Right I Talk About ALL THINGS 2017. I Mean From Trump Winning Presidency; To Everybody Going Crazy Over The Eclipse; To Cardi B &&. Tiffany Haddish Shining Their Black Girl Magic On The World 2017 Has Been Pretty Hectic. I Still Can’t Believe Trump Is Our President. If Its One Thing I Can Say About Him Its He’s Definitely Effecting Change, Good &&. Bad. He Has People Who Are Like Minded As Him Acting Out Negatively Because Of Who He Is But Then There Are People Like Colin Kaepernick Who Stand Up For The Good People Who Just Want Everything In This World To Be Equal. His Has Everybody Kneeling In The NFL &&. That In Itself Is Big! Kaepernick Is Even Out Here Doing Great Things For HipHop Trying To Get Meek Mill Out Of Jail. Meek Was Recently Denied Bail But Lets Hope He Makes It Home Before 2018. He Is Currently Facing 2-4 Years For Violating His Probation. While Meek Mill Went In, Chicago Was Welcoming Back 1st Of The City’s HipHop Legends, Bump J. Bump J Has Been Lit Since He Came Home &&. Doesn’t Show Any Signs Of Slowing Down. I Can’t Speak On My City Without Mention Kenneka Jenkins. If Its One Thing I Remember On Social Media This Year Its The Death Of Kenneka Jenkins. I Hate That Thats How I Remember Her. I Hate The Internet Didn’t Let Her Family Grieve. No One Deserves To See A Family Member, Friend, Or Stranger Lifeless Body On The Internet. That Really Broke My Heart In 2017. My Prayers Go Out To Anyone Who Loved &&. Knew Her. Another Thing I Can’t Forget About 2017 Is That I Had A Chance To Get Back In School. It Was One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Made In My Life, And Now I Have Something Amazing To Looking Forward Into 2018; Graduation! For More On This Poppin Topic Check Out BroCode On SoundCloud &&. Comment Below Telling Me Some Of Your Goals For 2018.

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